Przemysław Witkowski: Using Bruce Wayne and Similarities Berween Ragnar Lodbrok and Donald Trump

Poet, journalist and university lecturer Przemysław Witkowski
holds a doctoral degree in political science and has, to date,
written three poetry collections: Lekkie czasy ciężkich chorób
[Simple Times of Serious Illnesses], Preparaty [Specimens]
and Taniec i akwizycja [Dance and Acquisition]). His poetry has
been translated into English, Czech, French, Slovak, Serbian,
Ukrainian and Hungarian; his articles have appeared in a number
of magazines, including Przekrój, Gazeta Wyborcza, Le Monde
diplomatique, Vice, Visegrad Insight, Krytyka Polityczna and
Polska The Times. He works as an editor for the Krytyka Polityczna
magazine and the Polish edition of Le Monde diplomatique. Over
the past two years, he has been introducing the contemporary
political situation in Poland on public lectures in London, Prague,
Budapest and Berlin. Witkowski is fascinated by the connection
between ideology and popular culture, and his book of essays
Chwała supermanom [Praise to the Supermen] is devoted
to the topic. In the book, he searches for an everyday dose
of propaganda and idea placement in television series, cooking
shows, chain store catalogues and graphic novels. For those
interested in all the ways in which Bruce Wayne is being exploited,
in what Ragnar Lodbrok has in common with Donald Trump,
or in the historical significance of paying for your buns in a grocery
shop, Witkowski is the right person to turn to. Witkowski lives
halfway between Wroclaw and Warsaw, although sometimes
it feels his home is actually on buses and trains.