The Truck Side of Ostrava: Dust, Coke and Fire 2

Writers of Ostrava are enamoured with large group performances (complete with refreshments and music). This enthusiasm dates to the days when members of the Czechoslovak Socialist Union of Youth spent their free time building the local metallurgical and engineering complex, Nová huť Klementa Gottwalda. Following the fall of Socialism, these writers turned to various Literary ‘Harendas’, Literary Scrums, Literary Cirques, Literary Showers, Literary Rainfalls and other similar events, where no one listened to anyone and everyone drank beer. This time around, the event is called – for the second year in a row – the Literary Truck Side and honours the memory of Jaroslav Žila and Hnát Daněk. Aside from that, however, there will be Dust, Coke and Fire! Stirred up by Kristýna Svidroňová, Radek Jursa, Roman Polách, Ondřej Hložek, Pavel Hruška, Vladimír Jaromír Horák, Jakub Chrobák, Petr Szyroki, Ivan Motýl and about twenty other firemakers, accompanied by the music of Jan Šnéberger and Franta Hruška, as well as an art exhibition opening by Marek Pražák.