Ondřej Štindl: Moonlit Borderlands

Ondřej Štindl was born in Prague in 1966. He studied at the Faculty of Education at Charles University and later co-founded the Rádio 1 radio station. Today, he works as a journalist, film screenwriter and writer; his screenplay for the 2009 film Walking Too Fast received the Czech Lion Award and the Czech Film Critics’ Award. He is also the author of two novels, Mondschein (2012) and K hranici [To the Borders] (2016). ‘The novel explores borders of all shapes and kinds,’ reads the annotation. ‘The heroes try to reach their limits, or “borders”, all the time, whether these are the imaginary borderlines of self-sacrifice, their own physical limits, the wire-covered borders of a totalitarian state, or the limits of mental balance. At the same time, however, it is also, to a certain extent, a search for the centre, the core, the depth of safety.’