Michal Viewegh: Viewegh in a Renault

Michal Viewegh is one of the most popular post-1989 novelists in the Czech Republic. Born in Prague in 1962, he holds a degree in Czech language and teaching from Charles University in Prague; he has worked as a teacher and editor in the publishing industry, and has been freelancing since 1995. Viewegh has written over thirty books, and his work has been translated into over twenty languages: Báječná léta pod psa [The Blissful Years of Lousy Living] (1992), Bringing up Girls in Bohemia (1994, English in 1996), Účastníci zájezdu [The Sightseers] (1996), Vybíjená [Dodgeball] (2004), Andělé všedního dne [Angels of the Quotidian] (2007), Biomaželka [The Organic Wife] (2010), Mafie v Praze [Mafia in Prague] (2011), Biomanžel [The Organic Husband] (2015), Melouch [Moonlighting] (2016) and Bůh v renaultu [The God in the Renault] (2017). Several of his novels have been made into films or plays.