Jaroslav Erik Frič: Want to Hear My Dream?

Jaroslav Erik Frič was born in 1949 in Horní Libina near Šumperk. He holds a degree in English and philosophy from universities in Olomouc and Brno, and in the early 1990s, founded the Votobia and Vetus Via publishing houses – mainly for publishing ‘friends’ work’. He worked as an editor for the Box revue, hosted the Wandering Worker and Across festivals, and served as the president of the ‘Wandering Academy’. His poetry collection Kolotoče bílé hlasy [Merry-go-rounds White Voices] was published in 1993, closely followed by Houpací kůň šera a jiné básně [The Twilight Rocking Horse and Other Poems] (1998). In 2000, he started interlinking poetry and music (Jsi orkneyské víno [You Are the Wine of Orkney], S kým skončila noc [Who the Night Ended With], Poslední autobus noční linky [The Last Night Bus], Můžu ti říct svůj sen? [Want to Hear My Dream?]). Selections from his journals were published throughout 2013 and 2017, appearing under the name Psáno na vodu palbou kulometnou I–IV [Written on Water by Machine-gun Fire I–IV].