Ivan Klíma: On Love, Betrayal and Perfect Days

Novelist Ivan Klíma was born in 1931 in Prague. He holds a degree in Czech language and literary science from Charles University in Prague, and started out working as an editor in magazines and publishing houses; he switched to freelancing in 1970. Klíma writes novels, short stories, essays, theatre and radio plays, and books for children and young adults; aside from that, he also works as a journalist. He debuted with the short story collection Bezvadný den [A Perfect Day] (1960) and today, the catalogue of the National Library links around 220 entries to his name (in various editions and languages). His most recent work includes the short story collections Jak se nestát vrahem [How Not to Become a Murderer] (2012) and O lásce, tichu i zradě [On Love, Silence and Betrayal] (2012), as well as the children’s books Kokrhací hodiny [The Crow Clock] (2012) and Jak daleko je slunce [How Far Is the Sun] (2011).