Ekaterine Togonidze: I've Been Like This for Over a Year

Born in 1981, Ekaterine Togonidze is a multi-profile professional with experience in journalism (TV, print, PR); she is also a proactive writer and university lecturer. Her first short story collection Anaesthesia won the Debut of the Year category of the Saba literary award, the most prestigious literature award in Georgia. Her novella The Other W-A-Y became the basis for her script of a full-length film, which won the script competition organized by the Georgian National Film Centre in 2013. Her work has been translated into German and English.

Ekaterine writes blogs and articles and her writings cover social issues. Her narratives rise against intolerance, ignorance and lack of love, provoking empathy in readers – towards the different and the ‘other’. Dramatic plot and deepness of characters reaches the reader and reminds them that life paths are different and the variety of human nature is the wealth of mankind.