Bekha Kurkhuli: Full Stop

Born in 1974, Kurkhuli’s first novellas appeared in the popular newspaper Mamuli in 1991. Since then, his stories have had a regular place in various literary magazines. From 1999 to 2004, he worked as a war reporter for the newspaper Dilis Gazeti, visiting different parts of Georgia and conflict regions in the Caucasus, including Abkhazia, South and North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Azerbaijan and the Pankisi Gorge. His first book, entitled Full Stop… Lost People from Lost Territories was published in 2004 by Caucasian House Publishing. In 2005, his prose collection A House Somewhere Else was shortlisted for the Saba literary award as the best prose of the year. His stories ‘Adamo’, ‘An Empty Ashtray’, ‘A Short Summer Night’ and ‘10,000 Words’ were included in the 39 Selected Short Stories anthology (Palitra L Publishing House). In 2006, Beka Kurkhuli earned a PhD from the Institute of Georgian Literature.

In his work, Kurkhuli illiterates tragic and touching topics such as war, conflict and other issues on the borders of the national and the global.