Basa Janikashvili: What Has Man Against Us?

Born in 1974, Basa Janikashvili is a famous playwright, prose writer and one of Georgia’s most successful television and radio producers. He holds a degree from the drama faculty of Tbilisi State University of Theatre and Cinema and has written numerous plays that are regularly performed at Georgian theatres. Some have also been staged in Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia. Basa Janikashvili also authored many popular stories, blog posts and radio plays that have been published in different magazines and social media.

Janikashvili is an active writer and several of his important works, including three novels and four collections of plays, have been published by leading Georgian publishing houses. His novels and plays have been translated and published in Austria, Italy, Germany and Ukraine. Absurdistan Sovieticus appeared in Georgische Gegenwartsliteratur, an anthology of modern Georgian literature (Reichert Verlag 2010, Germany) and was published as Absurdistan Sovietico in Italy (Palombi Editore 2014, Italy); Shoot’em Up and Angry Bird were published in 2016 by Pr-Prime Company, Ukraine; and in 2015, Janikashvili’s work appeared in a German collection of modern Georgian plays, Zwischen Orient und Okzident – Theater der Zeit 2015. Janikashvili has received numerous Georgian and international literary prizes.

His writing is diverse, not limited to any particular style or genre. His fiction has both – introspective and retrospective narratives.